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What Are The Pros and Cons Of A Dog Harness?

The the size of the dog will not matter as long as the dog likes to pull on his walks, it would be best for you to use a harness than the ordinary collar and leash that is used by many. A toy breed’s neck is very fragile and you wouldn’t want to put unnecessary stains to it that is why a lot of small dog breed owners choose to use a harness that will not wrap around the neck of the dog like what a collar does. This can also happen to medium sized dog breeds that have the tendency to pull the leash that they have when they are walking thereby giving their neck and throat the possibility to get hurt. It is better for you to consider utilizing a well-made dog harness especially if you have already detected that your dog is very uncomfortable with the collar that it has.

A collar will wrap tightly around the neck and throat of your dog. Nevertheless, there are cases when the dog has a problem with his neck or has a weak trachea which is either caused by too much yanking on the leash or it may be hereditary then certainly it would be a wrong idea for you to use a collar on your dog since this may cause the dog more harm for he might choke or the breathing may be reduced because of this. Any contact with the dog’s neck and throat will be avoided as long as you use a harness which will be wrapped in the dog’s chest and ribcage giving it a secure and tight fit. As soon as the harness is already attached to the dog, you just have to hook the leash on and you can now take your dog for a walk outside.

Just like small breed dogs and dogs with neck and throat problems, there are also dogs who have large necks but small heads and a harness would be best to secure them from slipping away. Some dogs really like to escape from their collars so it would be best for you to put a harness around their body so that they will not be able to cause you any more trouble. Harnesses are made from different materials like nylon, leather, and fabric and it comes with a lot of sizes as well.

It is the sole discretion of the owner of the dog whether to use a harness or not when it comes to the different dog breeds like Italian greyhounds, toy poodles, french bulldogs, and a lot more. The reason for this is because these dogs are known to have a small stature and a very fragile neck that is why it is really a good idea to place a collar on them.

The Art of Mastering Pets

The Art of Mastering Pets