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What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas: 10 Extremely Wild Things You Can Only Do In Vegas

If you are looking for a place to stay, unwind, and be wild then Las Vegas or most famously known as Sin City is the right place to be! Discover more about the wild things you can only do in Las Vegas.

The Gun Store shooting range in Las Vegas lets you fire at least 50 rounds of ammo they have the chance to choose from their desired weapons, customers of the young age are also allowed to in the shooting range for half the price.

The Cromwell’s Famous Two-Way is known for its two-way mirror between the shower and the bedroom, this suite is known for its great view and all you need to adjust is the lighting, to learn more about The Cromwell Hotel click here for more.

Las Vegas is home to exemplary dishes that gets the best out of those countries all around the world, a specific pizzeria location offers out of this world delicious pizza pies.

The adult industry is well and welcome in Vegas, and as a matter of fact, every January there is a convention called The Adult Convention wherein fans have the chance to meet their idols.

Just like strip clubs Adult Theatre can be found in the stress of Las Vegas, they cater old fashion burlesque with a new twist and flair.

Topless Pools are famous around Vegas as they give people the chance to bask in the sun and bathe without worrying about their business showing.

Let a Few Dicks Into Your Life is a code name for a Dick’s Last Resort, find out more info here, that not only caters good food and beverage but they also serve it with sarcasm, insult, and bullying to the plating.

Want a taste of the what a real zombie apocalypse is, visit the Zombie Apocalypse Store which lets you kill and battle zombies with the use of paintball while also ensuring your survival through the journey.

Social clubs are also a thing in Vegas and a Swinger’s Club is the place for couples who like to seek a little role-playing together in which they are allowed to dress up in fancy clothes that are related to the theme.

If you opt for a stomach twirling action go for the thrill if jumping off the roof letting you fall 108 feet down, with safety equipment of course.